Friday, March 12, 2010

Magnetic Board

This was just for fun. I did four boards. Three went to a special gal's new college apartment. One remains. It has french scenes on the magnets.

Creative Shadowboxes

This artsy shadowbox includes my mother's diploma from Avondale High School, her class picture (group and individual) and a photo from the 40 year reunion she hosted. I pulled out her favorite teacher, Mrs. Rudy, and featured her, and peeking out from my mom's picture is one when she was 8. I've had so many people come into my shop that knew Avondale High and especially Mrs. Rudy. Shadowboxes can be any size, but they must be creative!

jjd Memory Box

This is my Memory Box featuring family photos. On this side is my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother. This is an art piece with enhancements. The top lifts off to store memorabilia inside. There is a glass box on top to store special items. Of the many I have created, I did them for a family of sisters, but my favorite also included an incredible book that I wrote to tell the love story of Marian and Arthur.

Key to the Past

The "Key to the Past" is 24" x 48" and has an antique mirror in the middle. The photos are all one family compiled with artistic touches. This can be created for many themes, such as the "first" in a new baby's life, etc., and in any color tone or size.